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Ron Charbonneau(non-registered)
Your work is breathtaking and inspiring. The natural photography images are amazing, the subjects both elusive and dangerous. I appreciate your eye and the stamina, fortitude and persistence that places you in situations to capture this imagery!
Ed Sherman(non-registered)
I am amazed!!! Great photography!!
Erica Siegel(non-registered)
I have been delighted with your photography of Denali National Park and Reserve ever since I visited there in 2009 and then found your images. Unlikely I shall ever get back to Denali as much as I would love to, but I can be there through your photographic captures. Keep them coming !
Just received one of your pictures as a gift from Jimmy P at Denali. He knew I would love it and I do. I just ordered another print for myself (Old Moon). Your work is exquisite!
Rolf Nixon(non-registered)
Rebecca, thanks from all of us for yesterday in Denali. The little people so enjoyed your approach to nature and the animals. We did as well.
It all shows in your photography. Best the Nixon Clan
Mariann Torretta(non-registered)
Your photographs are awesome!
Gary Borenstein(non-registered)
Wow Rebecca! George posted your slideshow on FB today and I was blown away. Especially loved the two black and whites - Midnight Glow and Life on Mars. Great work!
Hey Becky Sue! Great website! Great work!
Debbie Tubridy(non-registered)
Wow! I didn't know you had a website! This is incredibly well done and your images are amazing!! Congrats!
Cynthia Richardson(non-registered)
Love your work and subject matter.
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